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World of Dragons

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World of Dragons

This is an ongoing project.

You could say it's been going on throughout my entire life.

Project History

World of Dragons started as an idea of when I was young. This is the only consistency in my drawings and the only thing I come back to. 

I always loved dragons and I think this is the best way to share that. I will be working on this project after Hot Air Balloons and Rac-coon.


World of Dragons was born quite like our world. Their history is the same in every way. The only difference was the bugs. A flesh eating bug from outer space mated with the bugs here on Earth. This made the bugs ten times more deadly and more invasive than bed bugs.

It wasn't all bugs. Most bugs were like ours today, but it was just the descendants of this alien bug that nearly took over our world as they did not have an apex predator— yet.

There was one predator that could eat these bugs as they were poisonous to humans and other predators. The venomous snake was the only predator that could eat these bugs.

There was a curious effect on these snakes. Instead of poisoning the snakes, the snakes turned bright colors. To compete and fight with their prey, they grew wings and horns.

As they were helpful to the people on this planet— a kind of kinship was formed with the human race. Just like cats, these snakes evolved around humans.

However, their evolution took off quite quickly. By the time the dark ages came around, they grew to what we know now as dragons. They were far intelligent than we first gave them credit for. However, certain species of dragons had the mentality of a hive as they centered around a king.


In dragon terms— a king was called for the apex dragon and it was a non-gendered term as the king could be male or female. These kings were far more intelligent than the other dragons, were stronger, and could take a human form to communicate with the world. 

Some choose human companionship, but it was usually short lived as the dragons could outlive a human by several hundred years. It was also looked down upon by both species. If a child was born, they would always have dragon dominated traits. However, it was rare as the dragon giving birth would lay an egg that would not hatch for 50 years. If a human was to bore a dragon, the egg would be quite small and not hatch for nearly a hundred years. Almost always, a war would break out and the eggs would be destroyed. However, if an egg survived until it was hatched, then this hybrid would almost always become a Dragon King.

During the Dark Ages, there were 9 dragon kingdoms. Each had its own Dragon King and each kingdom feasted on its own species of hybrid bug.

The Dark Ages, brought with it unending war. The oldest and most intelligent Dragon King, with all his wisdom saw the only path for the dragons to live alongside the humans peacefully for all eternity was to separate from the human plane entirely.

The magic dragons have is special. It takes hundreds of years to master and even if they are able to— it is very limiting. With the remaining life-force this eldest dragon contained, he created a new plane of existence for the flesh eating bugs as well as the dragons themselves. This was the 7th dimensional realm.

The dragons and the bugs disappeared from the Human Earth and have never been seen again.

As this eldest Dragon King had no heirs, there are only 8 Dragon Kings left on the 7th dimensional realm.

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