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Poem: May 2020

I pray that one day, this poem will find a reason for writing.

As of December 2021, there is not as he was not worthy.

To The One that is

Worth It

Rose 3

A road of broken glass and broken hearts

Tore my whole world apart

But to find someone worthy

I couldn’t be in such a hurry

To keep from being broken-hearted

I had to look for what I wanted

Finding you, finding me

Don’t take too long to marry me

The world is ours

We spend together precious hours

I want to be with you every day

Why would I want to delay?

Building a family takes two

Old flames and exes make nothing new

Dates with roses and candlelight

I want to hold your hand tonight

Talk to me

Your words hold the key

To my heart I keep

Our conversations feel so deep

The fire burning in your eyes

I want to build you up and make you mine

A road of roses springs up

I don’t want to give you up

Go with me down this path

With promises kept to make it last

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