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My Sisters

Andrea Lanteigne

I am the oldest of the four of us sisters. This is my website.

Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya is #2. She is the middle child and probably the most well-adjusted of the four of us. She is the most extroverted person I have ever met. She lives in San Diego, California.

Tina McDonald

Tina is #3, but she and Tiffany are fraternal twins. She is the extroverted twin. She likes photography, cooking, and Animal Crossing.

Tina Lanteigne
Tiffany Lanteigne

Tiffany Lanteigne

Tiffany is the youngest, but she and Tina are fraternal twins. She is the introverted twin. She likes wolves and foxes. She plays the most video games of the four of us.

The Early Years

Family of Andrea Lynn Lanteigne
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