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My Love Story is a journey through love very loosely based on my own experiences in love. I need to do some edits to make some pieces a little more clear as well as add stuff because it isn't done. I used a lot of metaphors in this story. Like glass is switched for mental or emotional pain. Clothing resembles money or a job that helped to get money like the shoes. Unfortunately, some of the things are real— like the jerk married guy who I met when I was 23 and he was 38. Names have been changed for privacy purposes. Certain things have been dramatized or exaggerated for creative reasons. I also added characters that don't exist or imitate a real person— like the godmother and the cobbler for my own amusement. For a dramatization example— when I found out my best friend in 7th grade was going out with my very first crush I had for about 8 years since kindergarten (it lasted for about 10 years), I actually kept very quiet about how I felt. She never knew I was upset about it. I wasn't open about my feelings. However, my immediate family knew.


I wrote the first scene or the first 1/3rd of my very first screenplay. 


My Love Story

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