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My Deer

This story is a little darker than I usually make. There is death and guns.

Viewer discretion is advised.


My Deer

Set in a forest.


The young mother deer returns to her fawns after a drink of water.


A hunter appears and shoots the doe.


He misses and the doe runs off into the forest.

Not, hearing the hunter, the doe checks in on her fawns who are sleeping soundly.


She hears the hunter in the forest and takes off.


The hunter shoots and this time she falls.


She dies with her eyes still open.

Project History

I completed this project in Fall 2020 as a class project for my Screenwriting class. We were told to write a make a story with images and sound— with no movement. I am very much into storyboards and wanted to make something for my portfolio. I completed this project within two days.


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