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Andrea Lynn Lanteigne


Welcome to Andrea's Art Universe! This is my magical world of wonder and beauty. I am an author and illustrator. I have a vivid memory of using a pencil to draw a tiny bird on the wall when I was 3 years old. 


My passion is for story whether that be in storyboards, illustrations, writing, characters, comics, or 3D. The story drives my art. When I wrote Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King, I finished writing the story first before I started on the illustrations. I made the sketches while I was writing. If the pictures did not fit the story, then they were removed. Faeryland: The Defeat of the Troll King is now available for purchase.


My newest books The Mysterious Box and A Pixie Fairytale will be available in 2024!

I am redoing my album. It will be available on iTunes!


I recently graduated for my second Bachelor's degree at SNHU in Graphic Design & Media Arts concentrating in 3D Modeling and Animation. My first Bachelor's degree was from Indiana University in English concentrating in Creative Writing with a minor in History. 

I currently work in Retirement Services, but this website is filled with passion projects. 

I hope you enjoy my site and my endless art.

Contact Information— Serious Inquiries ONLY:

Contact me at:

Phone Number: (310) 779-8442

Take note— no one speaks for me. I do not work through an agent and I take orders from no one. If you wish to use my work, then you must reach out to me directly. I have not sold or given permission for any of my work to be used, so I own them all 100%.

All Rights are Reserved.

Blurb about Copyright due to AI and ignorance:

Everything should be assumed to be protected by federal copyright law unless explicitly stated otherwise. As in: You do not have my permission to use my work unless explicitly stated so by me. Everything on this website was created by me, so you do not have the permission to use it. I also own the original art and files. I usually draw everything physically. The books I have self published— I have the registered copyright, so I own them all 100%. If you wish to learn more about copyright, then please see the following:

I think AI is a great tool for something simple like a character name generator, but I have found that it does not think outside of the proverbial box very well. It is very formulaic and not useful to my purposes. While I tried AI as an image generator, I will not post them as my own and see them only as art to draw inspiration from rather than anything truly useful for my purposes.

Published Books on Amazon:



Animatic— Storyboard: 

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